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  • Magic Indoor Movable Stand Light Box

    Magic Movable Stand Light Box is quite a innovative idea to display yur advertisement. Apart from the magnetic cover design to change the poster with sucker easily, its movable concept would be flexible for location transition, saving the labor expenses while getting reused. Magic Movable Stand Light Box is a perfect choice for many places, especially the exhibition hall, clothing shops, supermarkets, airports and movie theaters etc..

    1. Movable Stand with the wheels on the underside, convenient for the transition of locations.
    2. Double-sided design to present two advertiments in the same time.
    3. mounted Li-ion battery is available as per cusomers' requirement.
    4. Individual Light Box and Stand being easy to transport and saving the transportation cost.
    5. Using sucker to change the poster to simplify the operation when replace the old commercial with the new one.
    6. Superior LED source with super bright and even lighting.
    7. OEM size are avaialbe.
    8. Warranty: one year.

    Wooden Case for Magic Mirror Package

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