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  • Acylic LED Flash Board Glass

     Magic Writing Board can be written any message with the fluorescent pen. LED Multi-color background makes color change manually or automatically. This product is used good fluorescent effect and Imported optical guide light panel, light source color average, and with fluorescent (marker) pen random write, bright colors, such as neon light effect! Can be arbitrarily erase!To replace the traditional POP advertising board; it can be hung or placed in shop windows, goods counter, cash register, the show to promote new shops, shopping malls, bars, disco, hotel , restaurants, nightclubs, supermarkets and stores of all sizes, all kinds of retail shops, enterprises and institutions meeting room, office notes ... ... as long as you think of occasions, as long as you want to release information, advertising can be a place to attract customers. It certainly can bring you the huge unexpected economic benefits! And good writing, good rub, but also blazing. The use of dedicated power adapter to connect.



    1.Item Name: Refined Tempered LED Flash Board Glass.

    2.Aluminium light bar, background color can be changed automatically or manually;

    3.Ultra-thin and lightweight

    4.Can be erased easily and rewrote for many times

    5.With GS or UL or BS etc adapter.

    6. Light Source:RGB LED,colors changing automatically or Hand.

    7.When the power on, the board will reflect gorgeous colors 


    Accessories for each magic writing board:

    1.Power adapter cloth

    3. hanging chain


    We issue new types every month,we own rapid, accurate and powerful design ability, high-volume manufacturing ability which can guarantee pushing our product in time and satisfy the market requirement.



    Wooden Case for Magic Mirror Package

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