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  • Magic Mirror the new advertising concept and medium. It is a lighted mirror box that can transform any ordinary mirror into a bright full color display advertisement. Wall mounted or freestanding, the box contains a motion sensor that can detect any object approaching the mirror and display a backlit full color advertisement. If object detection is not what an advertiser want, a time setting can be set to vary the length of the display.

    Features specifications


    1.  When it connects the electricity, the first image will appear, and then the second image, the third, the fourth, the fifth and the sixth image wil appear one by one as the following example

    2.  Lighting source:ultra high power LED.

    3.  Lmported sensor/micro

    4.  Detecting distance can be controled from 0.2-2m from customer side or factory side

    5.  Easy to change the advertising print

    6.  Two function in the same mirror.You may change the function of changing from mirror to advertising, or from advertising to mirror.

    7.  Immediately react from mirror to advertising, and from advertising to mirror

    8.  Practically improved, with light mateiral design. Can stick to exisitng mirrors with  double side glew

    9.  Magic Mirror can be usage in the following venues:.Bars.Health Clubs. Restaurants. Movie theatres. Retail locations.Vending Machines.Phone Booths.Toilet room. Airports. Elevators

    10. Electrical certifications:CE,FC,UL

    11. Have been producing magic mirror for the market for over 2 years



    Adjustable Detective Distance:
    The detecting distance can be adjusted between 0.2m ~ 2m, just as you like.
    1: Open the mirror, and look at the small hole on the bottom frame.
    2: Use the mini screw ( in blue color attached inside package ) to put onto this small hole, and turn clockwise or anticlockwise to achieve your required detective distance.
    3. Close the mirror to test if the distance is accepted.


    How to reverse the exchange option? (Poster to mirror, or mirror to poster)

    Step.1: Turn off the power / disconnected with electricity.

    Step  2: Press the Reverse button at the bottom of the mirror. (To change back, press
    this button again.)

    Step 3: Close and lock the mirror before Power connected to electricity



    Two images

    Four Images

    Six Images

    Wooden Case for Magic Mirror Package

    Shipment Pictures

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