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  • Product describe:Magic Ultra Thin Light Box
  • Aluminum frame Ultra Slim advertising led light box 

     Magic ultra thin light box is a popular advertising media in all the countries,with the flip frame design,it's easy to change the poster inside,and the ultra bright led lighting as well as the super thin outer frame can draw people's attention immediately. The supreme aluminum frame material and LED long life span would make you enjoy the good performance of the light box.


    1.Unique new advertising concept medium, with backlight panels;

    2.Low heat generation, low power consumption and long lamp life span;

    3.Screw lock or flip-flop design optional;

    4.Easy to change the inside advertising poster;

    5.sigle side or double sides available.

    6.Special sizes are available according to customer requirement.


    You can choose different color, material of the outside frame



     *Advantage of our Newest LGP:


    1. The Lighting Guide Panel is made of  special material which is without any gridding on the surface, leading the brightness very even and without any dark zone even in big size.

    2.  The Lighting Guide is only 3mm in thickness which is much lighter than the traditional one to make the installation easier and save the labor force.

    3.  The Lighting Guide is with the price 1/3 less than  the traditional one.

    Our regular size


    Product No. Size of outer frame(H*W*T)(MM) Picture size(MM) Brightness(LUX) Voltage
    MDLB-A4 350*260*18 300*210 1500 AC110-240V
    MDLB-A4D 350*260*30 300*210 1300
    MDLB-A3 470*350*18 420*300 1800
    MDLB-A3D 470*350*30 420*300 1300
    MDLB-A2 650*470*18 600*420 2200
    MDLB-A2D 650*470*30 600*420 1900
    MDLB-A1 890*650*18 840*600 1800
    MDLB-A1D 890*650*30 840*600 1600
    MDLB-A0 1240*890*18 1189*841 1800
    MDLB-A0D 1240*890*30 1189*841 1600



     Easy to change the poster




     How to change the poster


    Step 1: Open the four sides flip frame respectively. 

    Step 2: Remove the front panel and take off the poster inside.

    Step 3: Put the new poster in place and pasted it with a little adhesive tape. 

    Step 4: Close the four sides flip frame respectively.



    Product shows 





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