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  • Magic LED Animation Light Box, with all text , graphics constant flashing, color changing...dynamic effects to attract consumers attention, which to impress them with action of buying the advertising product to transfer the real benefit to the BRAND. 

    Product Features
    1) Different dynamic animation (Flashing, fade-in-fade-out, warter running...) available with customers' requirments.
    2) High brightness, around 2000LUX.
    3) Ultra bright LED with lifespan 50000 hours, energy saving.
    4) Super thin, only 10mm, easy to install.
    5) Different frames available (Crystal, aluminum frame...) for customer choices.
    Application: Supermarket, Shopping mall, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, Airport, Train station ....
    Advantages Comparing EL animated poster:

    The most important advantages: Price much more competitive comparing EL Poster.
    Product Structure

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