MFLB- Large size
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  • Magic Fabric light box 


    1, Both indoor and outdoor usage. 

    2, With aluminum snap frame, very easy to change inside poster. Also have frameless design, looks like TV. 

    3, With LED Lattice, very high and average brightness of whole display.

    4, Poster changable locally. 

    5, No size limitation, we can make any size. 

    6, Customer can assembly locally, which save a lot of cost during transportation. 

    7, Very stable quality with 2 years quality guaranty.

    8, Customize aluminum color frame available.

    Installed on wall (Customized aluminum frame , Brown color.)

    lighting up effect without Poster

    With poster effect

    Lighting up effect

    Devliery with material without assembly, customer can save a lot of costs for shipping.