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  • Magic Magnetic Frame Light Box 


    Features specifications:

    Magnetic frame light box  with one image the new advertising concept and medium. Wall mounted or freestanding, and it contains a sucker ,easy to change the printing.


    1)Magnetic style lock, easy to change printing media.
    2)Ulta Bright LED lifespan:70,000 hours
    3)Thickness :1.8 CM.(Super thin)
    4)Adaptor with CE/GS/UL/BS certificate.
    5)Warranty: 1 year's warranty.
    6)Customize size available.
    7)Environmental, most material can be recycled.degradation.

    8)Energy-saving:compared with the traditional light box of the equal area,the product economize on electricity more than 70% 

    *Advantage of our Newest LGP:


    1. The Lighting Guide Panel is made of  special material which is without any gridding on the surface, leading the brightness very even and without any dark zone even in big size.

    2.  The Lighting Guide is only 3mm in thickness which is much lighter than the traditional one to make the installation easier and save the labor force.

    3.  The Lighting Guide is with the price 1/3 less than  the traditional one.

    Product No. Size of Outer Frame (mm) Picture Size (mm) Brightness (LUX)
    MFLB-A4 350x260x18 300x210 1800
    MFLB-A3 470x350x18 420x300 2000
    MFLB-A2 650x470x18 600x420 2200
    MFLB-A1 890x650x18 840x600 1800
    MFLB-A0 1240x890x18 1190x840 1700

    How to change the poster


    Step 1: Open the front paney with the sukcer. 

    Step 2: Remove the front panel and take off the poster inside.

    Step 3: Put the new poster in place and pasted it with a little adhesive tape. 

    Step 4: Put the front panel in place.

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    Wooden Case for Magic Mirror Package

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