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  • Magic Maginetic Frame Crystal Light Box

    Magic Maginetic Frame Crystal Light Box uses quality light guide panel, which enable high brightness with soft and even light distribution.The front transparent sheet is connected to the lighting panel by magnet.


    1) Open by Magnetic,the light guide panel and the back is connected by magnetics.Made of clear acrylic, for delicate outer apperance.

    2) LED lighting, mild and soft which is comfortable for eyes.

    3) Edge-lit illuminate.The special design allows the edge of the light box to have a ring of light, which make the insertion more outstanding.

    4)  Without frame

    5)  Easy to change the photograph
    6)  Long life-span 

    7) Electrical certifications:CE,FC,UL


    How to change poster:

    A: Take down the front cover of the frame directly with your hands,Take out the old print.

    B: Change to the new print, Put back the front cover of the frame.


    Wooden Case for Magic Mirror Package

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